Here at Fat hen farm we understand the importance of nature, all creatures great and small. We believe it is possible to grow delicious food and protect the environment. We work hard to ensure we work with nature, rather than against it.

We promise to…

  • Use natural methods of pest control. We use companion planting to deter pests and attract insects that help with pollinating. Marigolds, nastriums, onions, garlic chives, sage, lavender and rosemary can be found growing amongst the vegetables.
  • Use natural methods of fertilising. We grow nettles and comfrey which we then brew into a lovely stinky tea which we feed the plants with.
  • Collect rain water for watering the plants, and mulch the vegetables with woodchip or straw to reduce the amount of water needed.
  • Encourage wild life and provide habitat.  We plant lots of flowers and herbs to support birds, bees and insects. Put up bird boxes, bee boxes and bug hotels. We leave branches and woodchip for hedgehogs to hibernate.
  • Improve the soil by natural methods, adding compost, leaf litter and  manure.
  • To recycle things that would other wise go to land fills, for example we love tyres and have lots of creative uses for them, like growing potatoes in tyre towers.
  • Ensure our animals live happy lives, receive a healthy diet and are able to forage within the woodland.
  • Provide opportunities for the public to get involved with the food growing process, with volunteer and harvest days for members. Providing learning and sharing experiences, building a food based community.
  • Only sell our produce to the local area, reducing fuel consumption travel miles between our gate to your plate.