About us

We are a small community farm situated on the outskirts of Great Gransden.

We have a fabulous group of people who run the show as well as a bunch of great volunteer helpers! The support, enthusiasm and dedication of the staff, volunteers and our customers is what fuels Fat Hen Farm.

Meet the team

Sam Donovan

I have always loved good food and getting creative in the kitchen. My veg growing days began in my back garden with Fliss, which went on to an allotment and finally a farm. So from 0.5 acres to 5 acres! 

I have always been interested in environmental issues and love being outdoors, be it hiking, canoeing, bird watching or laying back in a hammock. Now I have a little boy there isn’t that much time for the hammock these days!

I previously worked fitting bio mass boilers, and I am also a welder.

Conor Devine

Growing my own veggies and fruit in my garden lit a passion for food and gardening that just got bigger and bigger and resulted in Fat Hen Farm. My original training was as a Mechanic, which I still do part time and comes in very handy on the farm when it comes to the machinery! 

Spending time outdoors has always been important to me, as well as crafting and learning new skills, be that blacksmithing, leather work, incubating and raising chicks to building sheds. There is always a job to do, so it certainly keeps me busy! I can be found with my dog, my trusty companion, Astrid, by my side. I find inspiration following the work of Charles Dowding and other community farm projects.

Felicity Emerson

I originally worked as a nurse in Neurology, I completed my anaesthetic nurse training, before specialising in the areas of both dementia and nutrition. Studying the effects of diet and stress led me to the traditional practice of Ayurveda, training as an Ayurvedic practitioner. This fueled my passion for foods that nourish the body, and are grown in a way that works with nature and honours the planet. I started growing my own in my garden, which then led to me getting an allotment with Sam. Our love of growing and eating delicious food just kept getting bigger and eventually grew into this farm. 

I really enjoy hosting group sessions and community get-togethers on the farm, I love helping people to connect with nature and get back in touch with the food growing process. Its always great to meet new people and welcome the regulars back, it really is such a friendly little community – so come along and join our amazing team! I love everything about the farm; the fresh air, the birds singing, getting my hands dirty, my co workers, the volunteers and the food we produce.

Hannah Donovan

I’ve worked as a marketing and event professional for over 10 years now, working in music, before moving on to venue and event management, and then as a fundraiser for charity. I currently work for a children’s charity and am based in London but try to be at the farm as much as I can!

I love escaping the business of the city for the calm and peace of the farm and love getting to introduce new people to the haven we have built.